SpectrumWise Literature is our newest project, aiming to provide equal opportunities for writers and creatives. We want to stimulate growth in the publishing industry by offering an alternative route for writers to have their work published.

We want to develop a one-stop solution that will guide and support our writers through every step of the publishing process. Our commitment to writer-centricity is what will set us apart from others in the industry, as we strive to be the go-to partner for writers keen to have their stories published.

As readers are becoming increasingly tech-oriented and switching their focus from print novels to reading online, we will address these changing demands in the market by developing an independent platform to publish and sell e-books.


Value-Add Services


We are planning to develop our one-stop solution for e-book publishing and sale in multiple stages. This roadmap is for Phase I Development, during which, we will build the core functionalities imperative for our platform to function.

If you would like to learn more about our SpectrumWise Literature, support our project or become a member of our team, feel free to reach out.


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SpectrumWise Literature Press Release

“SpectrumWise Literature” is SpectrumWise’s newest venture; a project that looks to provide a one-stop solution for e-book publishing and sales, aimed at stimulating growth...

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